“A true photograph need not be explained, nor can it be contained in words.” – Ansel Adams

Bayou Boogaloo

the Diamond in the Rough

Life Happens

Your Studio is Your Home & Your Home is Your Studio

I thrive in my chaos. Therefore I make it. RJ

Fat Ballerina

Rachel June @ White on Burgundy

….everyday its a chance for us to make a statement .

If you don’t make yourself, who will.

Pop-Up, Pop-Up, - Bubble Gum and a Peanut-butter bar. Raise your hands and stomp your feet. Let the your senses take over and emotions run wild. Here is a snap view of Rachel June - "Let 'Em Have It!"

” .. it felt like Psychotherapy .. ” – Rachel June

Clean Up

Bathroom Bacteria

When it comes to clean, who really wants to clean. Its like, you have to take the mop, put the mop in the water, swoosh that dirty water everywhere and pretty much spread the bacteria. Here is bit of summary of Rj's bathroom bacterias.

“If you don’t complicate things, somone will.” – Rachel June

They say you don’t walk in L.A., well I do.

Is there ever a time when you just have to leave town. Get Away, Reorganize your brain... RJ decided upon spontaneity (instinct) to purchase a train ticket to some untraveled land. Destination - Los Angeles. Some people may ask Why? I say Why Not. This is where the journey begins.

“Escape the Silence and Settle in the Chaos, For you are the audience and everyone else is the actor.” – Rachel June