Naked "Self Portrait" 2012.
Naked “Self Portrait” 2012.

Rachel Elizabeth April was born on June 8th, 1988, becoming the youngest member of her family. Her parents, Ken and Julia April, raised her in the heart of Covington, Louisiana. She grew up surrounded by the craftsmanship and southern charm of her family and community. In May 2011, she graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University attaining a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts, with a concentration in Sculpture and Photography.

Rachel moved to the city of New Orleans after graduation, looking for a place to explore her artistic freedoms. As a portrait artist, she endeavored to capture the true essence and unglorified moments of her subjects. This lead Rachel into a realm of self exploration, resulting in the creation of a multitude of self portraits. Rachel June’s portraits are momentary glimpses into the human psyche. The female anatomy and mind are strongly represented within these self portraits.

Documentary / Portrait /  Freelance  Photographer