Evil Pleasures

Human nature refers to the ways of  thinking, feeling and acting that are influenced by our culture and nature.  In other words, nature vs nurture becomes a debate in the reasoning of why and how one responds to the worlds around them. 

In life, we experience many emotions that lead us to act and react.  Not only does that cause a reaction but not all are in good intention.  We all have a devil and an angel advising in us in our daily lives.  As being interested in the human mind, I decided to research into the darker demons.

Evil Pleasures features photographs that are allegories of the seven deadly sins. Portrayed by Ms. June, each photograph is the final moment of the process involved in portraying these historical and cultural ideas. Possessed by lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, & pride Ms. June wore the masks and surrounded herself with the objects necessary to surface these demons that lurk within the human flesh.

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Behind The Scenes of the Making : AMON