Most people voice and express themselves through words that contain letters, which in turn can be formed into spoken sound or language. As a photographer, I speak through images. In this body of work, Psychosis: A Fight Within, I introduce a revealing honesty or truth from a visible expression, which comes from a deep release of emotion concerning internal conflicts and pain.

As a semi-autobiographical body of work, the images capture the essence and beauty of a single female individual. The subject is photographed in a nude and semi nude state. The use of both paint and textured clothing cover the body while emphasizing the power, sexuality, vulnerability, and finally the honesty of the female form and mind. A universal emotion of feminine pain governs the series and is evident within her eyes and is depicted by the tense, distorted bodily formations.

At the first sight of the images, one might feel a sense of an erotic vulnerability presented by the exposed body. The fabricated elements of paint, fabric and other objectified items provide an ambiance and employ not only a physical but emotional armor. The flat and rough applied pigments of black, red and white trickle a delicate, subtler pattern, that exemplify the fluid psyche stressing the pained, confused, confrontational emotions.

Even though an expenditure of vulgar distress and lucidity is underlined, the soft yet animated body and obscured façades reveal the raw beauty of a woman. The audience may not comprehend the model’s actions from the discomforting sight of a honest and yet too revealing individual. Yet, the feelings and emotions represented, in hindsight, will be taken away with a sense of mutual understanding and gives the viewer an appreciation of the female character.