Love Story


As human beings we live in search of love. May it be in the form of an action or a feeling displayed, love is defined and received in numerous ways. We are taught love is ultimately experienced upon initially loving ourselves.

Beauty is born.

“Love Story” is an autobiographical body of work by Rachel June that shares the process of self-love and acceptance.  It begins with the appreciation of the human flesh; our bodies are truly art.  We are art.  The love of self is imperative.  Admiration for our being is mirrored in our daily lives leading its reflection to happiness.

Each image within “Love Story,” presents the human form in a state of raw beauty - morphed, twisted, violated, and nurtured. Vibrant colors and organic shapes exploit the canvas.  Body fragments float within the landscape, combining simplicity with elegance. The collection is an absolute reflection of Rachel June.  

“By creating this body of work, I wish for the viewer to feel a sense of warmth and love.  We are the same, we are all art and we are all loved.  “Love Story” is built upon personal heartache that transformed into a beautiful amour.  Perfection does not exist but beauty does.” -Rachel June.